Higinio Maycotte


In the data-driven world of the 21st century, many people and companies struggle to keep track of the vast amounts of information they accumulate from customers.

Companies monitor data to increase sales but the copious amount is hard to sort. The Austin-based software firm Umbel is aiming to manage customer information more effectively. The customer data software company has expanded with the help from investors within the last six years, according to the Austin Business Journal.

Higinio Maycotte founded Umbel in 2010. The company now has a diverse clientele, which includes sports, entertainment, and retail businesses.   The platform connects the world’s data to help companies significantly grow their target market and overall profits.  Umbel compiles and organizes data so that its users can distribute out their best data and reach as many potential customers as possible.

Maycotte attributes personal experiences to the start of Umbel.

“I experienced firsthand the massive data overload that everyone gets and knew there had to be a solution to the problem,” Maycotte says.  “Often times, the greatest ideas come from simply identifying the problem.  Data can be ever encompassing however, I eventually saw it as a way to grow commerce through structure and organization.”

Today, Umbel has 11 partnerships with technology integration companies and many happy clients.

One client of Umbel’s is the YMCA.  Umbel helped the Austin YMCA connect and improve their data by giving their entire team an easier way to analyze the data.  YMCA of Austin was able to easily divide and find insights about their members.  This ultimately helped them better understand their surrounding community, and properly tailor the right programs and services to create better targeting and messaging for their new membership campaigns.

“Our work with Umbel will be transformative for the Y movement campaign,” says Leilani Perry, director of marketing for the YMCA of Austin.  “Gaining greater understanding of who we serve, what and where those services are needed, will totally change our overall trajectory.  Our mission exists inside that important data and they are helping us unlock that hidden treasure.”

Umbel also benefited by partnering with Austin’s South by Southwest (SxSW) festivals by gathering information on attendees.   Umbel collected more than 56,000 data points about the SxSW audiences, ultimately helping the festival increase attendance.

“We plan to use the data Umbel helped us obtain going forward to target additional sponsors and other clients to further match groups of people,” Director of Technology at South by Southwest Scott Wilcox says .  “All of that can really be summed up as creating a better overall experience for SXSW attendees.”

With lasting partnerships and clients, Maycotte links the company’s success to trusting in his own decisions from the beginning.
“It takes more than a good idea, you have to believe in yourself and believe in what you’re doing is really worth it,” Maycotte says.  “Obviously, you can’t put an operation like this together by yourself, it takes really good people.  It is a 100 percent commitment and if you don’t believe wholeheartedly in what you are doing, then your people won’t either. Fortunately, we don’t have that problem.”


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